How is ADHD diagnosed?

There is not a single test to diagnose ADHD, therefore a complete evaluation is needed including a careful history and clinical assessment of the patient social, academic, and emotional functioning and development. There are several diagnostic tools to use when making the diagnosis (see forms).

Can my child have ADHD and have the forms negative for ADHD?

Yes. The forms help in the diagnosis, but not ruled out the existence of ADHD, that is why critical a very complete history.

If my child is diagnosed with ADHD , would he has to be on medicines for ADHD?

AS+DHD treatment requires a comprehensive approach thar includes parenting training, medication, skills training, counseling, behavioral therapy and educational support. Medicines are very important in the treatment of ADHD, but is up to the parent of the patient.

What do I need to Know about stimulants used in ADHD?
Stimulants are believed to increase Dopamine levels in the brain. dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with motivation, pleasure, attention, and movement. Always ask about side effects, follow instructions, and understand dose adjustments.


My child was diagnosed with ADHD recently, but the provider does not prescribe medicines for ADHD. Can I make appointment at the ADHD Clinic of the Super Minds?  

Yes, if your child has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, and she/he has not started any medicines for ADHD, we can evaluate your child.

I am seeing another physician for ADHD, but I want to change provider. Can I request an appointment at The ADHD clinic of the Super Minds?

Unfortunately, if your child has the diagnosis of ADHD, and he is being treated with another physician, we cannot take you as a new patient.

Once my son has been started on ADHD medicines, will I have to come every month for the prescription?

No. You child might have to come for a couple of times monthly to titrate the medicine. After that, we will be seen your child every 3 months, and we can refill up to two times the ADHD medicine in between appointments at your request/need. ADHD are controlled substances, and need to be closely monitored. They are safe and very beneficial for children with proper use.

If my child starts the ADHD medicine, how can I contact the doctor if I have a question?

We will be available, by email or phone, 6 days per week 8-5 pm. Now, after the doctor prescribe the medicine for the first time, we will follow you over the phone after few days for any question you might have.

What includes the first visit at the clinic?

Prior to the appointment, review of the diagnostic forms completed by parents and teachers, and other forms to evaluate coexisting conditions. A 50 min live consultation with Dr. Zavala, that will include evaluation, setting up goals, homework for parents and patients, forms for school, and medication with detail explanation how to take them. After one week, a follow up phone call for any questions you might have.

I don’t want my child to start on medicines, can I still be a patient of The ADHD Clinic of the Super Minds?

As said earlier, ADHD treatment is very complex and comprehensive. We respect your decision of no medicines, and we will still be able to help in the management of the ADHD of your child. Dr. Zavala commonly prescribes medication for ADHD, and works closely with holistic physicians and healthcare staff that participate in the comprehensive care of ADHD.

Why should I take my child to the ADHD Clinic of the Super Minds?

Dr. Zavala approach to discuss ADHD with patients and parents is very friendly, casual, but very complete and comprehensive. ADHD is very common, and our clinic wants our families to feel relaxed, comfortable, listened, and supported. We want parents and children to be part of the team.  

My child has a pediatrician who does not prescribe ADHD medicines. Do I have to change my doctor?

No. Your pediatrician is someone that knows your child better than anyone. The ADHD Clinic of the Super Mind will only address the condition of ADHD in your child.

My child has Insurance. Can I use it at my visit?  

The ADHD clinic of the Super Minds do not accept insurances for the medical visit, but you can use the insurance to cover the medicines, and other services we might refer your child.


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