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Behavioral Therapy in San Antonio, TX

Behavioral therapy has several advantages. Behavioral therapy is a term describing a broad range of techniques used to change maladaptive behaviors. The goal is to reinforce desired behaviors and eliminate unwanted ones. Behavioral therapy is action based. Because of this, it tends to be highly focused. If a behavior is becoming a problem, the goal is to teach people new behaviors to minimize or eliminate the issue. Although behavioral therapies can vary substantially from disorder to disorder, a common thread is that behavioral therapists encourage children and adolescents to try new behaviors. Dr. Livania Zavala of The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds can help your child get pediatric behavioral therapy in San Antonio, TX.

Types Of Behavioral Therapy:

● Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a helpful mental health treatment for many issues

● Dialectical Behavior Therapy- the goal of DBT is to increase positive behaviors, reduce self-destructive actions, and improve relationships

● Play Therapy- the doctor may ask questions about what the child is doing during the play session or may use special techniques to encourage a positive response from the child. the goal of this type is to express themselves through their actions and dialogue within their imaginary world

● Art Therapy- helps children express themselves or their emotions clearly

Symptoms To Look Out For

You should seek pediatric behavioral therapy in San Antonio, TX, if you see these symptoms in your child:

● A sudden drop in grades or interest in school

● Aggression towards others

● Suicidal thoughts

● Hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors

● Major appetite or sleep changes

● Often feeling sad, worried, or fearful

● Self-destructive tendency

● Spending an unusual amount of time alone

● Trouble focusing

If you are concerned about your child’s behavior, it’s time to seek pediatric behavioral therapy in San Antonio, TX. Call Dr. Zavala at The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds at (726) 208 2171 today.

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