Hyperactivity Inattention in San Antonio, TX

 A child that shows inattentive tendencies may struggle to focus on daily tasks when multiple distractions catch their attention. Inattention is one of the primary symptoms of ADHD. It is characterized by a shortage or an abundance of focus. If you have symptoms of inattention in San Antonio, TX, contact Dr. Livania Zavala of The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds. We can help your child manage their inattentive tendencies.

Symptoms of Inattention

If your child has inattention, you might notice them display the following symptoms:

Lack of attention to detail- A child with inattentive ADHD may not pay careful attention to assignments or chores

Trouble staying focused- Trouble with focus is most easily observed in the classroom, during playtime, or at recess. Your child may experience difficulty committing to an activity for a significant amount of time

Frequent spaciness- It may appear as if your child is not listening when you speak to them or as if they are mentally elsewhere

Difficulty following instructions- your child may experience difficulty complying with instructions or rules in the classroom and may struggle to complete tasks or perform them in a specific manner

Lack of organization- Children with inattentive ADHD may struggle to organize tasks or manage their time wisely. This symptom can result in increased levels of stress, mood swings, or frustration

Forgetfulness- Repeated forgetfulness is also a common symptom of inattentive ADHD

Treatment of Inattention in San Antonio, TX

Managing your child’s symptoms requires the cooperation of you as the parent as well as your doctor and your children’s teachers or caregivers. Your doctor will create a customized treatment plan that involves a combination of exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, medication, counseling, and consistent structure.

To learn more about inattention in San Antonio, TX, reach out to Dr. Zavala of The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds at (726) 208 2171 today.

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