It is a good thing for children to be active but playing, talking, running, and shouting even after they’re told to stop several times can mean they’re more than just active. Experts would describe them as hyperactive. If your child is displaying hyperactivity in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Livania Zavala of The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds can help.

What Is Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity means having increased movement, impulsive actions, a shorter attention span, and being easily distracted. It can result in constant activity, getting off task often, impulsiveness, inability to concentrate, aggressiveness, and difficulty participating in quiet activities.

What Are The Signs Of Hyperactivity?

Children with hyperactivity may have trouble concentrating in school. They may also display impulsive behaviors, such as:

● Talking out of turn

● Blurting things out

● Hitting other students

● Trouble staying in their seat

● Short attention span

● Difficulty remembering homework

● Wandering around the classroom when they should be seated

Hyperactivity Causes

The most common cause of hyperactivity is ADHD. ADHD, in turn, is usually caused by genetic factors, abnormal brain development, or brain injuries occurring before, during, or after birth. People with autism may appear to be hyperactive. Brain and central nervous system disorders can lead to hyperactivity. Mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia can include hyperactivity as a symptom. Prescribed medications can cause hyperactivity in some patients.

Treating Hyperactivity in San Antonio, TX

Treatment for hyperactivity will depend on the cause of it. In some cases, medication can make a positive difference. In other cases, behavioral or cognitive therapies can help manage the hyperactivity.

For more information about hyperactivity in San Antonio, TX, call Dr. Zavala at The Pediatric ADHD Clinic for Super Minds. You can reach us at (726) 208 2171 to book your appointment today.

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